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About us

Lauren Mollica

Lauren Mollica, an accomplished professional with a Masters degree in Psychology, brings a warm and friendly approach to her work and is a life-long learner. Her passion for mastering audio production and editing led her to co-create a successful mental health podcast that has gained global recognition, reaching the top 3% and positively impacting listeners' lives. With her expertise seamlessly integrated into digital therapeutic spaces and apps, Lauren empowers users to access valuable mental well-being resources, making her an in-demand professional dedicated to making a difference in people's lives.

Cody Griffiths

Cody is an exceptionally talented individual with a genuine passion for creativity, a formal education in art and extensive professional experience in beauty, marketing, and special effects. His expertise extends to audio production and editing, where he brings projects to life with vibrancy and precision. Collaborating with Cody ensures a seamless and rewarding experience, as his technical skills, artistic vision, and commitment to excellence consistently yield exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Additional Support Staff (Bios Coming Soon!)

Nick Mollica: Audio

Michelle Landriault: Social Media/ Videography/ Photography


Audio editing & production

Editing audio to ensure high-quality sound for podcasts, apps, & creative projects.

brand establishment

Helping you discover your brand identity, visual identity, & mission to effectively reach your audience.

social media coaching

Receive personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process, starting from platform selection and extending to content creation brainstorming and audience engagement techniques.

Our Process

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Select your package/service and complete inquiry form

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Number 3

We get to work

Number 4

review the finished product & have us add final touches

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Black Sparkling Stars

At Dark Wave Audio & Design Lab, we place great importance on promoting inclusivity and supporting marginalized communities. We are committed to uplifting BIPOC individuals, embracing neurodiversity, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, and championing feminist principles. We appreciate your consideration.

With Gratitude,

Lauren & Cody

Black Sparkling Stars

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Fr: 9am-12pm CST

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